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Diagnostic Ultrasound is an economical and painless examination tool often requiring little or no sedation for the majority of our patients.  This technology is safe and does not use radiation (like x-rays).  Ultrasonography provides important information on the structure and blood flow of the internal organs.  It is often useful in identifying masses, soft tissue changes and disease.  It allows for targeted sampling of body cavity fluid and assists in needle guidance to precise locations for lesions; critical in helping to avoid and protect vital organs.

Ultrasound imaging involves the use of sound waves to image the organs in a patient.  Diagnostic Ultrasound uses the high-frequency sound waves to make images of the bodies internal organs much like a high detail version of the sonar images used by fishermen to locate fish in a body of water.  Sometimes the fur needs to be clipped over the abdomen to improve contact with the transducer; the part that transmits the ultrasonic signal from the machine to the body, and the patient.  This can radically improve image quality.

The ultrasound transducer is placed on the patient’s abdomen and passes across the target areas.  The abdominal organs are imaged, via sound reflection, the images are recorded and the findings are included into the patient’s medical record.  Ultrasound images are digital and can be digitally transferred to specialists or other facilities around the country.  The image produced by the ultrasound provides superior differentiation of the organs and soft tissue structures of the body.

What we use the ultrasound examination for:

  • Detect and diagnose cancer affecting abdominal and other soft tissue organs.
  • Determine the extent of or spread of disease
  • Evaluate the urinary tract for cause of blood in the urine; stones, inflammation or cancer
  • Assist in determining the cause of abdominal pain
  • Assist in determining the cause of intestinal disorders (vomiting/diarrhea)
  • Determine the location and affected organs for abdominal masses
  • Examine blood vessels for anomalies or abnormalities
  • Confirm pregnancy.

Diagnostic ultrasounds are performed daily.


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